Glasgow School of Art

Glasgow School of Art

As well as being a visiting lecturer at the Product Design Department (Master of European Design) at the Glasgow School of Art I also work with the GSA's Centre for Design Innovation in Forres.

Whilst working with the CDoI, I have been involved with the team at Cairngorm Mountain to give them the tools to assess and develop their brand using design methods of user focus, visualising and prototyping.

Team Uplift’s vision at the Mountain was “empowering people across the mountain to develop ideas for improving our business”. As one team member commented “So we’re working with The Glasgow School of Art. These guys aren’t artists like Monet and Picasso, these people are designers who work with companies to find new ways of working with business to make it better.”

The designs that the team are woking on include a revitalised sign system and visitor interpretation.

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